Synopsis for a 2D animation short

A seal is lying and having a swell time on a sheet of floating ice, apparently unaware of a school of killer whales plotting to kill him. They are circling around him, until a matriarch positions herself on one side and the others on the other side. She whistles, which is the command for the others to swim in unison towards the ice sheet, creating a wave in front of them. This wave washes onto the ice and nearly pushes the seal off and into the mouth of the matriarch. The seal looks terrified, which seems to get to its gut and making it sick. And then it starts. First a cola bottle comes out of its mouth. Then, after a couple of painful gurgles, a flip flop appears. And now since the motion has already begun, a whole wave of shiny and colourful items, unrecognisable in their condensed form, come shooting out. The ice island is soon covered and the plastic puke starts to fill up the ocean around the seal. The killer whales try to escape, but don’t get far and end up wriggling on the surface of the plastic ocean. After only a couple of seconds, they start shrinking and dry out into small killer whale raisins. Out of the sky a couple of gigantic chop sticks immediately dive down and pick up a shrunken whale, lifts it into the sky, where a big bowl of steaming hot water awaits among the clouds. As the chopsticks are about to drop the whale into the bowl, the whole scene freezes and become stylized. Asian letters appear on the clouds. Zooming out it appears that the scene is the etiquette of a plastic bag full of dried killer whales. The backdrop becomes clear. The bag is standing on a shelf in an Asian super marked. A lady hand picks it up, and the backdrop changes again into a kitchen. (We only ever see the hands and hear the voice of this lady.) The woman is not Asian and is evidently not really sure what to do with the dried whales. She turns the bag around and discovers a large warning triangle. “Hmm?!” (Sceptical sound) She pours one whale into the boiling water in a pot on the stove and wait. Nothing happens. Then she makes a scuffing noise, as if saying, “ah, come on, what danger?” and pours the rest of the whales in. Cut to a house surrounded by a bunch of similar houses on a small island. This scenario bears distinct resemblance to the first scene with the sheet of ice island. We look at the house. Suddenly it seems to be moving, just slightly, like a pot, which is about to boil over, and we hear the sound of a balloon rubbing against something. Then, through a window of the house, a whale tail comes crashing out, and then, a whale snout out of another window. More and more the house is boiling over with overgrown, soaked killer whales and the scene explodes into a slippery pile of whale and rubble until the whole village and island is an absurd mess. All around lies the full size killer whales. They have awoken from their dried-up cryosleep and are breathing heavily. Zoom in on the biggest in the foreground. (We recognize her as the matriarch.) She is rolling her eye. Round and round it goes. And she is grinding her teeth as well, and she looks more and more explosive. Pfffffffrrrrr, a weird vacuuming sound tells us, that something is blocking her blowhole. She is rolling her eyes faster and filling her lunges to get rid of the constipation. And out of the hole spurts the plastic bag, her mini self has been kept in. And with the free passage, the air coming out of the killer whale turns into an Irish bagpipe melody[1],which plays throughout the rest of the movieand the subtitles. We follow the poetic flight of the plastic bag flying and twirling to the music through the air on its way towards the plastic ocean around the island. It lands gracefully on the calm sea, and, exactly under it, penetrating through the plastic; the head of the seal from the beginning emerge. Alert, with watchful eyes with the plastic bag balancing on its head, it moves its flipper to its mouth and whistles. Zoom out. On the other side of the island and the horde of jumbled killer whales, an army of seals appear with its front towards the island. And exactly that leaves us with a nice ‘the tables have turned’ ending shot.